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Count on CFO4 Builders to be your partner in financial excellence.

We’re dedicated to helping your business thrive.

Who Are We

We are Construction accounting experts.

We specialize in taking care of our construction clients’ accounting needs.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to empowering construction clients to concentrate on their core work while we handle their accounting and financial needs, driving their profitability forward.

What We Bring

Meet Our Team

Achal Shukla

Meet Achal Shukla, a dedicated husband and proud father of three, who embarked on his accounting journey in Canada following immigration to this captivating country. With an impressive 23 years of international accounting experience, Achal’s career has spanned prestigious organizations in India and even extended to Malawi, East Africa. Holding multiple esteemed accounting certifications from the UK, USA, Australia, and India, Achal underscores his commitment to delivering ethical accounting services. His credentials include CMA (USA), ACMA (India), CGMA (UK and USA), MIPA (Australia), MBA (India), and M.COM (India), reflecting a comprehensive and globally recognized skill set.

Beyond qualifications, Achal emphasizes the importance of trust-building through extensive industry experience, fostering confidence in clients. His definition of success revolves around the ability to create positive outcomes that enable customers to achieve success in their unique business models. Achal Shukla brings not only a wealth of expertise but also a personal commitment to delivering top-notch accounting services, making him a valuable partner in financial success.

Hemali Shukla
M.Comm, B.Ed.

Meet Hemali Shukla, a highly accomplished professional with a Master of Commerce (M.Comm) degree and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). Her academic journey reflects a commitment to both commerce and education, showcasing a versatile skill set. Hemali’s dedication extends beyond the professional realm, as she is a devoted wife and mother, contributing significantly to the success and harmony of her household.

With a strong foundation in commerce and a passion for educational excellence, Hemali brings a unique blend of expertise to her pursuits. Her commitment to creating a nurturing environment within her family and community aligns with her belief in the transformative power of knowledge. Hemali Shukla’s story is one of resilience, dedication, and a harmonious integration of academic and personal aspirations, making her a well-rounded individual in both spheres of life.

Rene Greener

Rene has a diverse background in business consulting; marketing, sales and management leadership roles with several Fortune 500 companies.

His impressive track record of leadership; advisory; and team building combined with his extensive network of professionals ranging from mid- to senior-level executives, positions him to connect the right people with the right opportunities.​ We make our clients more successful and more profitable!

Raj Kapoor
Accountant - US Division

Introducing Raj Kapoor, the accomplished accountant spearheading financial excellence at CFO4Builders’ US division. Raj adds a personalized touch to his role, forging meaningful connections with top-tier financial professionals to enhance the strength of our dynamic team. Going beyond the confines of balance sheets and ledgers, Raj is dedicated to cultivating successful financial careers and playing a key role in propelling CFO4Builders to greater heights in the competitive US market. With a personable demeanor and unwavering professionalism, Raj Kapoor isn’t merely managing finances; he’s crafting success stories and contributing to the sustained growth of CFO4Builders in the dynamic landscape of American business.

Emily Mitchell
Accountant - CDN Division

Introducing Emily Mitchell, the skilled accountant with CFO4Builders’ Canadian division. Possessing a sharp analytical mind and a fervent commitment to financial excellence, Emily plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial health and success of the company. With a meticulous approach to numbers and a passion for optimizing financial processes, she contributes significantly to maintaining a robust and efficient financial system. Emily’s dedication to accuracy, compliance, and strategic financial management makes her an indispensable asset to the CFO4Builders team. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Emily is dedicated to advancing her expertise in accounting and staying abreast of industry trends, positioning herself as a key contributor to the company’s continued success in the Canadian market.

Kimberly Knell

Meet Kimberly Buckley, the powerhouse behind our marketing and bookkeeping strategies. As an Admin/Marketing Specialist, she’s not just about optimizing functions – she brings people together within our organization. Kimberly’s attention to detail is unmatched, adding a lively touch to both the nitty-gritty of day-to-day tasks and the big picture of success.

Kimberly’s work is more than just a job; it’s a passion for making success happen. With her strategic insight and hands-on support, she turns the everyday into something special, achieving remarkable outcomes that resonate throughout the team. Whether she’s infusing creativity into marketing efforts or handling bookkeeping details, Kimberly’s approach is friendly, dynamic, and essential to our shared journey towards excellence.

Ethan Reynolds
Marketing Assistant

Meet Ethan Reynolds, the dynamic marketing assistant at CFO4Builders. With a degree in Marketing, Ethan crafts innovative campaigns that leave a lasting impact, transcending traditional approaches. His adaptability and trend-savvy mindset make him a key player in redefining the narrative in finance and construction marketing. Beyond his role, Ethan draws inspiration from the intersections of culture, technology, and design, infusing creativity into his work to make a lasting impact.

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