Do You Need a CFO or Controller for Your Business?

You might already have a dedicated bookkeeper handling your day-to-day financial needs and a public accountant taking care of annual financial statements and tax returns. However, to make informed decisions and maintain financial stability, you need up-to-date and reliable financial advice.

About CFO4 Builders

At CFO4 Builders, we leverage our extensive experience in serving the construction industry with a portfolio exceeding $100 million. Our range of services includes expert guidance in hiring and training accounting personnel, meticulous bookkeeping, and the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements. We excel in financial interpretation, reporting, and liaising with external auditors, accountants, banks, and government agencies. Our expertise extends to ensuring statutory compliance, optimizing business tax strategies, and providing strategic advisory services to enhance profitability.

Our financial management services are designed to boost cash flow through effective customer, bank, and financial institution engagement. We excel in establishing robust accounting processes, implementing stringent internal controls, conducting system checks and tests, and optimizing entire business accounting departments. Some recent accomplishments include securing an $11.5 million loan bouquet for a client, complete overhaul and enhancement of accounting departments, cost reduction initiatives for profit maximization, assisting clients in generating additional working capital through accounts receivable factoring, automation of banking processes for seamless AP and AR operations, customized financial reporting for enhanced understanding, facilitating government subsidy claims during the pandemic, navigating clients through receivership processes, conducting due diligence projects for potential takeovers, and providing valuable support in the company valuation process.”

CFO4 Builders. - Your Financial Partner

CFO4 Builders Steps in as your part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller, offering expert accounting and finance support.

Why Outsource to CFO4 Builders.?

If your business needs accounting and finance support, but you lack the time to hire, train, or supervise an employee, consider outsourcing to us.

CFO4 Builders Helps You:

Interpret financial

Interpret financial information


Improve decision-making

Prioritise customer focus

Enhance financial control

Enhance financial control

implement internal growth

Establish and Implement internal controls with proper segregation of duties

risk analysis

Financial Risk Analysis, monitoring, and management

CFO4 Builders. - Your Financial Partner

What's the Difference: CFO vs. Controller?


Controller Focus

Controllers concentrate on financial and management reporting, compliance, budgeting, and managing the accounting department. They prepare the historical financial data that a CFO relies on.


CFO's Role

CFOs provide strategic direction, forecasting, financial planning, and financing. Their focus is primarily future-oriented.

CFO4 Builders. - Your Financial Partner

At CFO4 Builders, we're your trusted financial partner, offering a range of essential services to elevate your business:

Financial Reporting Services

Controllership and CFO services to provide financial expertise.


Forecasting and Budgeting

Accurate financial projections and budget planning for informed decisions.



Meticulous and reliable bookkeeping to keep your financial records in order.


Comprehensive tax services, ensuring compliance and optimising your tax strategy.

Internal Controls & Accounting Processes

Establishment and enhancement of robust internal controls and efficient accounting processes.

Strategic Finance and Advisory

Expert guidance to make strategic financial decisions that maximise your success.

CFO4 Builders. - Your Financial Partner

Count on CFO4 Builders. to be your partner in financial excellence. We're dedicated to helping your business thrive.

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At CFO4 Builders, we excel in managing word combined portfolios exceeding $100 million, specializing in catering to the unique needs of the construction industry.

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